Our Story

We welcome you to come and experience the rich flavor or India at Surya.

Surya was inspired by colonial India. For over two centuries, during a time period known as Indian colonialism, waves of settlers from England, Portugal, Spain, and the Netherlands arrived to the subcontinent. With them, came their immense influence on the Indian culinary scene, which brought about an entirely new cuisine that would forever change India’s already well established culinary landscape. Amidst the traditional cuisines that India already offered, a new development in the culinary world came about, which is known as the “Anglo-Indian” cuisine.

At Surya, we have created a menu utilizing the traditional and non-traditional ingredients to recreate dishes in hopes to allow our beloved community to socialize, dine, and drink.

The idea of Anglo-Indian cuisine results from the spice trade and is dubbed one of main contributors towards Europe’s age of enlightenment and global discovery.Anglo-Indian cuisine refers to a cuisine that is different from traditional Indian cuisine. While conventional Indian food utilizes all ingredients in the kitchen, Anglo-Indian cuisine represents a more tentative and judicious choice in spices.