Dahi Batata Poori

masala chickpeas and crisps topped with yogurt, mint and tamarind


crispy turnover, seasoned potatoes and green peas

Lasuni Gobi

crispy cauliflower with tangy garlic tomato sauce

Aloo Tikki

chickpeas and potato patties topped with chickpeas, yogurt, tamarind and mint

Mulligatawny Soup

traditional split peas, lentils with saffron soup

Kale Moong Chaat

crispy kale and sprouted lentils topped tamarind, mint and chutney

Onion & Spinach Bhaija

onion and spinach fitter served with tamarind sauce

Baby Lamb Chops

marinated with our homemade gram masalaserved with the special sauce

Shrimp Balchao

shrimp tossed in tangy sauce with curry leaf and mustard seeds

Green Salad

garden green, tomatoes and cucumber